Lecturing staff from South West College, Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Donegal ETB and North West Regional College are collaborating with Electric Vehicle specialists Hyundai to support the ongoing transition to Electric Vehicles.

Colleges across the North West have joined forces to support the ongoing transition to Electric Vehicles in Ireland. The cross border collaboration with Electric Vehicle industry specialists Hyundai will provide training and skills development programmes for technicians ensuring that there are appropriate maintenance systems and networks in place as the numbers of Electric Vehicles are set to rise rapidly over the coming decade.

The innovative new courses offered by South West College, North Western Regional College, LYIT and Donegal ETB have been designed to allow graduates to work in this industry which is seeing a rapid transition to electrified propulsion, namely Electric Vehicles. This is an exciting opportunity for the North West based institutions as the sales of electric cars increased by 140% in the first quarter of 2021 in comparison to the same period in 2020, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA) and this growth rate is set to continue.

Launching the new initiative at the Hyundai National Learning Centre in Dublin, Denis McCrudden National Training Service Manager said:

“Hyundai is driving their recruitment of apprentices and trainees to fill the highly skilled and technical roles needed in our franchises, but this is not enough. At Hyundai we empower the technicians within our network with the knowledge and skillset to keep ahead of the ever-evolving Electric Vehicle technology. We are collaborating with LYIT and their associated NW colleges, North West Regional College and South West College to increase Ireland’s skill base in Electric Vehicle Engineering and Technology so that all sectors of every industry can benefit from Hyundai’s expertise in the area”

Niall McElchar, South West College Lecturer added:

“South West College has long been a champion of electric vehicle technology and is excited to collaborate with our partner colleges and Hyundai in the roll out of these innovative training programmes.The growing popularity of Electric Vehicles across Ireland requires a change of approach to the training of engineers and technicians.

With upwards of 1,000,000 electrified vehicles expected on roads by 2030, now is the time to ensure that both the industry is supported with skilled engineers and technicians which will in turn increase motorist confidence in the use of Electric Vehicles.”

If half of all vehicles on roads and in industrial use were fully electric, it is estimated that 10 million additional jobs would be added globally according to the UN and International Labour Organisation. The emerging technology will have an impact on many local industries across the North West as the powering of quarry crushing equipment, agricultural machinery and material handling equipment is expected to be electrified over the coming years.

For further information on the Electric Vehicle Engineering/Technology opportunities available at South West College please contact Niall McElchar by emailing niall.mcelchar@swc.ac.uk