South West College have an important and fruitful relationship with local employers. We understand that employers recognise apprentices as the exact type of highly trained, highly motivated employees they want, and we know that we can offer courses that allow for employees to retrain and upskill throughout their careers. As such, we work closely with many employers who regularly take on apprentices from South West College. We also listen intently to local industry when it comes to creating our courses, both apprenticeships and otherwise.

What our Apprenticeship partners say...

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The South West College is in the industrial heartland of Northern Ireland making us one of the best-located colleges in Northern Ireland to supply you with the employees and workforce development you need to succeed. We understand the challenges businesses face in the current economic and political climate and have a business focussed arm, Innotech, providing a range of services to assist you in growing and developing your organisation, including bespoke training, apprenticeships, CPD courses and internships.

Placement & Internships

In addition, we are always seeking to partner with employers to create work experience opportunities for our students, including on our Supported Internship programme, which gives employers the chance to take on a reliable new member of staff and benefit from having a diverse workforce. The programme is fully government-funded and so comes at no additional cost to you as a business.