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Support for Parents and Carers

South West College are aware of the vital role carers play in our society and the responsibility we have to recognise and support. We know that many of our students combine their studies with caring and supporting a family member, friend or partner. We are also aware that many of our students are under the care or carers, and we are here to provide all the information carers need when their child is a student with us.

Balancing Being a Student with Being a Carer

Juggling such responsibilities with academic study can be challenging and can place additional stress on a student’s own health and we are here to provide support in this endeavour. At SWC we feel it is important that student Carers are supported throughout their time with us. We are committed to being as accessible and inclusive as possible and will endeavour to break any barriers that student carers may face while studying at SWC. We understand Student Carers may need time out to call home, extra time to complete assignments and access to information regarding Carers rights and services that might be available to them.

Useful Links

Carers UK


Action for children

Care to Learn Scheme

Together in partnership with organisations such as our local Health and Social Care Trusts, Action for Children, Barnardo’s, Carers NI and more, we will support students who have caring responsibilities to avail of the services available to them within their communities. If you have caring responsibilities and require some additional support, please contact the student engagement officer from your campus as seen below

Care to Learn Scheme

The scheme is open to full-time and part-time Further Education (FE) students and Higher Education (HE) students, enrolled in an FE college on regulated professional and technical courses, and listed on the Register of Regulated Qualifications (RRQ). This covers regulated courses from Entry Level to Level 5.


To be eligible, you must during your course of study be or become:

· the main carer of your child/children

· at least 16 years old

· under 20 years of age at the start of your course of study and meet residency requirements under the Education (Student Support) Regulations (Northern Ireland)

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