This part-time study option was perfect for Denise. It meant that with support from her employer, Denise could complete her degree, earning a salary while building a wealth of skills and knowledge that would provide her with the skills and qualifications necessary to achieve her dreams in engineering.

From an early age Denise found making things rewarding and that eventually led to a career in engineering.

She said: “I competed in a competition at primary school and the process was practical, which I found interesting. This eventually led to a HND in Manufacturing Engineering, where I was able to be creative. I enjoyed being able to take a problem and developing it until a solution could be found.”

Over the years, Denise developed her knowledge and skills in the engineering field, but her passion for sustainable engineering and robotics grew, steering her decision to pursue Higher Education.

She said: “I was always put off studying again as it meant I would have to study full time and give up employment. Until I noticed this part time BEng (Hons) degree in engineering at SWC, allowing me the flexibility to work and study.”

Reflecting on her time at the College, Denise said:

“I have had a fantastic learning experience at SWC, from reading about new engineering developments to being able to get taught and use them when at SWC. I found all the staff helpful and supportive, making sure everyone was aware of all the services within the college. The course was interesting, as it incorporated a wide range of modules from all parts of the industry including the technical and operational to the business and management and much more.”

Upon completion, Denise said: “SWC has reinforced the areas of engineering I enjoy the most and has enabled me to focus on these areas for future career plans such as sustainability and robotics.”

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