The students from ‘Children’s Care, Learning and Development’ were very busy this week, as they planned and delivered a celebration of bread for our neighbours, Dungannon Primary School. A group of early years pupils joined us at breaktime and explored their way around the tastes and textures of breads of the world.

The Childcare group had meticulously organised the activity, going so far as baking many of the offerings themselves. The children were offered bite-sized tastes of everything from doughnuts to Irish Soda Bread and were able to add dips and dressings to their own taste.

Hosting an event like this helps students to develop organisational skills and increases knowledge of areas such as safeguarding and allergy awareness, which is invaluable for the world of working with children. Each student was teamed with two little visitors to look after for the event, which was a fun way to get further experience with the group… and of course the sand and water trays in the Childcare classroom were a huge hit once everyone had eaten all the bread they could manage!

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Watch how our morning went!

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