Accounting is a huge career area. Once seen as a specialised discipline – associated primarily with mathematical geniuses – it is now more accessible, with advances in computing meaning that it is less about natural numerical skill and more about aptitude and training. Notoriously a stable career amongst any economic conditions, it is seen as an option for many people, including students just finished their A-Levels, and people looking to upskill or change career. Now, South West College, an Approved Gold Learning Partner of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA), is helping make this particular career option even more accessible.

Why Accountancy?

Accountancy is a business in itself but it's also necessary in every other industry, because every business needs someone to handle the money and accounts. It's also needed in every country. With qualifications like ACCA you can work in more than 120 countries, and many big countries tend to transfer employees to different countries. All this means is that there is constant demand for accountants and a never ending list of opportunities for those who choose to enter the career.

Accountancy is Flexible. There are different areas - financial, management, auditing and tax - and there are different routes you can take with your career, such as travelling, working in different industries, or even opening your own business. This is just one of the reasons why you'll never get bored. It's a bit of a myth that accountancy is monotonous, but it's a crucial career with lots of responsibility, so that's rarely the case. In reality a career in accountancy allows you to take on an expert role in important tyransactins and businesses. Nothing boring about that.

How to get started

Accountancy at South West College is available to students at various stages of their educational journey, be they qualified with a degree in accountancy, a related discipline, such a law or business, or just out of school.

ACCA is the global body for professional accountants. Employers know and respect the qualifications and value the skills taught. It is relevant to all areas of accountancy and finance. South West College offers the qualification at two levels – Fundamentals and Professional. To become a qualified accountant, you must also get relevant, supervised practical experience, which proves to employers that you have proven experience and practical skills relevant to the role. You can complete your work experience before, during or after your exams. What the tutors say

Siobhan Breen, Course Director, SWC says: “Accounting is much more accessible now than ever before. The ACCA programmes provides specialist tuition in the principles and value of accounting, specifically designed to prepare you for the ACCA exams. You will also build the accountancy skills and knowledge necessary for professional practice in a wide range of businesses and sectors.”

“At SWC we also pride ourselves on producing qualified and ethical finance professionals who have the knowledge and skills that employers expect. South West College has an exceptionally high pass rate of 80% and above, with the global average of 40-45%. Our graduates have gone on to work in accountancy practices, finance departments of public and private companies or as tax advisors.”