Congratulations to all the South West College students who enjoyed their graduation today. Graduation Day is always the culmination of a lot of hard work, and although it goes without saying that this year’s ceremony was very different, it’s still important to shine a light on incredible academic achievements. Studying during a pandemic is pretty special and unique, and in many ways it makes graduation a little more interesting than usual! Way out West has taken a look at just some of the reasons that the South West College class of 2020 is particularly amazing.


Obviously, what makes our students this year most unique is that for long periods they weren’t able to come on campus for face to face learning, to avail of the fantastic facilities at South West College or to experience the comradery and support from staff and fellow students that is so important in higher education learning. Students had to adapt to online learning, and although tutors worked harder than ever to teach and provide the necessary support, students were heavily reliant on their own dedication and application. As John Moss, Head of Faculty at South West College said during today’s graduation ceremony: “I’ve no doubt that you will all be credited as a generation that demonstrated extraordinary resilience, creativity and compassion in overcoming the current challenges in Higher Education, and your achievements are all the more impressive for that.”

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At South West College we pride ourselves on offering higher education to people who also lead busy and responsible lives away from the classroom. Every year our graduates include parents, carers and students working full time or part time alongside their studies, and this year has been no different. Special credit goes to all those graduated while balancing other responsibilities and taking on other challenging during these exceptional circumstances.


Dealing with distraction is a constant challenge for anyone working or learning from home, and we don't just mean because the TV might be in your "office". The distraction of entertainment or home comforts is always there when you don't have somewhere specific to go for work or learning, but everything that has happened in 2020 has of course provided a much larger distraction in itself. A stressful time makes it harder to focus, and a loss of work-placements, social interactions and maybe even a threat to future jobs, can lead to a wider loss of focus. It is testament to all our graduates that in these testing times they retained their focus and ambition - you deserve all the opportunities that will come your way!


When living rooms and bedrooms become classrooms and kitchens become college canteens, the people we live with have to adapt too. To all the super mums, dads, sons, daughters, children, partners and all the other relations who supported a student studying at home in 2020, thank you. If you were celebrating at home today, don't forget to share your best graduation themed photos with us, showing your fellow graduates how you are celebrating the big day! Be a part of our online photo gallery alongside your classmates, giving you a special way to remember the day with photos with family and friends! Send your photos, using as many graduation props as you can, using our graduation themed hashtag, #swcgrad2020