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Sustainability Commitments

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South West College has placed the following commitments at the heart of our sustainability strategy:


To grow the number of students by 10% through the delivery of new sustainability curriculum, conduct a sustainability audit of existing College Curriculum and to increase our sustainability knowledge transfer, R & D and innovation by 15%

One Planet Living

Develop a collaborative One Planet Living workshop to educate and engage stakeholders, develop a South West College One Planet Living action plan and promote One Planet Living message and initiatives through the Forum for engagement


Lower net energy consumption by 30% by 2030 across all campuses


Ensure that recycling facilities are provided at all campus waste disposal points Rainwater Harvesting – implement systems in all new campus buildings and explore the potential of implementing on all existing Campuses by 2025 Single Use Plastics – implement guidance on reducing the unnecessary use of single use plastics from College Campuses


Reduce single occupancy car journeys by 10%, replace or adapt 25% of the College transport fleet to electric/hybrid vehicles

Sustainability Office

To demonstrate leadership through the creation of a Sustainability Office by 2022, to deliver flagship events, publications and collaborative partnership projects in sustainability